Why I Wait is based on Isaiah 40:31 MSG:

..But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles, they run and do not get tired, they walk and do not lag behind.

The vision is to empower women to become the best version of themselves as ordained by God whether in or out of a romantic relationship.

From the scripture above, those who wait on God gain fresh strength, they soar, run and do not get tired… This indicates that waiting means movement and being active as opposed to been passive or docile.

There is a perception that singles especially ladies cannot do so much with their lives until marriage. Well that is a stereotype and that is why we are here.

I have got good news: This is not a waiting game.

We are about to revolutionize the term “single ladies”. For us it means whole, loved, complete, guided, excelling, being productive – Living your best life. This way marriage is an addition not the goal…

  • Are you single? Why I wait is for single women who like myself were waiting for the future to happen before living our best lives instead of enjoying every season and making the best of it.
  • Are you in a relationship? Why I wait is also for women in relationships (dating or engaged) who want to learn and discover how to be whole individuals whilst being the best version of themselves to their partners.

Single, dating, engaged even married there is something for you here.

Why I wait is a platform for two main things

  1. To Share: I would share my experiences, thoughts, lessons learnt and views on why and how people should wait on God. For the right person (for those desirous to get married) and the right time.
  2. As a Resource bank: It is a resource bank for people to discover teachings, books, who to listen to, food, fashion, business ideas etc.

While I wait is about YOU, it is about being the best version of yourself. Because you cannot give what you do not have.

If you have, any questions please feel free to leave a kind comment or email me directly at dr.jessimiela@yahoo.com and I would do my best to answer it.

Being single is not a waiting game… Choose to live your best life everyday…Jessimiela Usidame