Culturally ladies are “expected” saliently or obviously to wait out their lives until marriage. You hear comments like;

“you do not know where you would live permanently until you get married, what if your husband wants to move”

“in spite of your academic degree marriage kind of determines what you would end up doing”

Now call it old and archaic this is the truth somehow unmarried women find themselves making temporary decisions pending marriage.  

Please realize this is not a let’s laugh, sip orange juice, wear nice dresses and be pretty forum. Yes, we would have fun and live our best lives however even at this we must be on our guard and never forget the real battle.

Isaiah 40:31 says “… those who wait get fresh strength, they spread their wings and soar, they run and they do not lag behind” paraphrased

The actions referred to in the verse above do not confirm to the norm or ideology of “waiting”. In fact, it is the direct opposite of it. So yes by all means be pretty, visit the fashion page on the website and re work your wardrobe if need be but never forget why we are here and what we hope to achieve. The foundation we have been used to would have to shift, our mind set (Sunesis – type of wisdom) must be re-aligned to the word of God.

Some ways to prepare include (please note this list is not exhaustive)

  1. Be born again: in fact, if you are not saved and I mean believe in your heart and confess with your mouth stop reading and visit the salvation page under the faith tab of this website. Until you are saved you are not safe.
  2. Read your Bible: there is no quick fix, you would have to get into the word and study it for yourself.
  3. Journal: write down your thoughts, ideas, scriptures, inspirations, prayers, testimonies etc. there is something about writing that clarifies an idea. Also reading past testimonies gives you courage for the future.
  4. Say No: no to any ideal or philosophy that goes against God’s word. I do not care who said it or in what context if it contradicts the word of God say NO.
  5. Pray: best listener ever is the Holy Spirit. Vent, cry, complain, explain, ask etc. make it a practice to talk to God every day and about everything.
  6. Push hard or go home: find your purpose and chase it down. Determine to be the best version of you ever.
  7. Focus: stay in your lane, do not concern yourself about what anyone else is doing. Do you baby girl. Focus on your focus and avoid distractions.

The good news is this is a war we can win. In fact, some one already won the battle on our behalf and He was kind enough to give us His exam script with the answers clearly written. I promise you if you do what He says you can never lose this battle.

I love you and I am rooting for you

Love and Light


Being single is not a waiting game… Choose to live your best life everyday…

Jessimiela Usidame

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