Hello my people, I am back. Yasssss, how have y’all been? Yes, I have being MIA; no excuses just rejoice with me that I am back.

Welcome to September: our birth month. Finally all the hard work is about to pay off. I am so excited.

Listen I have good news for someone. Do not feel discouraged. It does not matter how the year started, how many heartbreaks and pains and struggles and tears. Like a pregnant woman, the 9th month is the “looking forward” to month.

In this season, the baby weighs more, sleep is more disturbed, the tummy stretches the farthest, trips to the toilet is every 2 minutes, for some heartburn increases. What is most fascinating also is that this time is when women glow the most.

As the aproko that I am since I am yet to experience this joy (I cannot wait I tell you). I spoke to friends; I wanted to know what the reason for the 9th month glow is. They told me it is the expectation glow; every day is one step closer to holding the baby/babies in your arms. The thought alone causes the glow. Finally, all these pain and stretches would be worth it.

Let us learn from this. Let your thoughts from now be focused on your expectation. Yes, it might seem that the year 2019 is rolling away again and there is nothing to show for it. Hold on, if you have sown, you must surely reap. Do not be dismayed, and refuse to focus on other people’s journey. Focus on your own garden, keep watering that seed, keep tilling that soil and never stop pulling away the weeds that may try to steal all your hard work. Rest assured your own plant would escape the soil (every limitation and setback) and it will bud.

Job 14: 7 – “For there is hope for a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again. And that the tender branch thereof will not cease.

Holy Bible

However, you cannot expect anything if you do not believe in yourself.

Discover your worth, Believe it, Expect it….

Know your value do not undermine yourself.

Know your value do not short-change yourself

Know your value do not be little yourself

Know your value Love yourself enough….

The first listen video is up on my YouTube channel.. Please watch it.

It is titled “Is he good for me?”. In a nutshell is about valuing yourself enough not to settle for anyone who is kind to you because you deserve to be treated right anyway.

I hope you enjoy the video.

I love you and I am rooting for you.

God bless you

Jessimiela Usidame

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