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I am a foodie but I am a sly foodie. Let me explain; I like food a lot but I alo stick with normal. I do not go trying out lizard tail, frog teeth and all that stuff. Give me indomie, eggs and chicken frankfutter’s any day and we would become besties for life. So of course, I would have a foodie section on why I wait.

Boom…. FIT FAM. Yeah yeah I almost forgot. I had to re calibrate quickly when I realised that my waist line does not have respect for me at all. It would run and not grow weary, walk and not faint, soar like eagle. But as a baby girl for life who must be carried on her wedding day, and spun around like all those dancing with the stars moves I’ve seen, I gave myself brain and decided to “TRY” and join the FIT FAM club. This is my 3rd year on this journey and I am in the plateau state (lines are refusing to shift) although in my mind it has shifted and if can happen in the spiritual it would happen in the physical lol.

Anyway, as much as I am a foodie, one meal I do not really fancy is meat pies. I am one of them ones who eat the meat and leave the pie lol until I encountered the famous Temi’s kitchen whole meal meat pie and I got hooked.

For the first foodie post I tried my best to get the ever busy Temi CEO Temi’s kitchen to seat down and gist with me on how she came about this amazing recipe. I hope you enjoy the read.

Jessy: Hi Temi, so you must know I love your whole meal meat pie. I think it tastes amazing and I can eat 6 at a go without feeling guilty or my waist line nudging me. Before you talk food though can you please tell me a bit about yourself?

Temi: Hello Jessy, lol I know you love the whole meal meat pie. My name is Temidayo by the way and I am the CEO of Temi’s kitchen as you know. I started Temis kitchen from my little kitchen when I was in University.  My mum used to run a catering business and that was how I fell in love with cooking. Funny enough meat pie is the first produce from Temis kitchen and it still is my signature product.

Jessy: Awesome so what is the story behind your healthier option style of cooking?

Temi:  I am a foodie and I thought if I keep cooking all this food and eating, I will keep piling on the wrong weight. I personally like re-creating recipes with my own twist,so I started researching on how to create healthy options for my dishes.

I researched on whole wheat and discovered I could use wholemeal flour to make meat pie. First attempt was not great because I used the same recipe guide, I use for the regular meat pie. I kept working on my recipe and I made sure I had someone tasting it each time I made the wholemeal to let me have constructive feedback.

After several attempts, I perfected it and it has become the famous Temi’s kitchen wholemeal meat pie. I made the wholemeal option available to the market in 2015 and I have not looked back. From creating wholemeal meat pie, I have since then added wholemeal sausage roll, fish roll, Turkey roll and chicken pie. You definitely need to try them all, I can’t pick a favourite out of the bunch lol. It’s so strange that people who do not naturally like meat pie like the wholemeal option you being one of them.

It also takes away the guilt feeling you get after you have had a regular meat pie. All of the recipe for the wholemeal is healthier option. For example I use lean mincemeat instead of the regular mince, I discovered that wholemeal needs more time in the oven so cooking time is longer. I personally don’t eat meat pie and if I have to eat it, I would have it fresh from the oven piping hot but with wholemeal, you can have it a week later cold and you will still enjoy it.

Jessy: Oh wow, amazing stuff thanks Temi for sharing. I wish I could share the recipe with my readers but I understand the wholemeal meat pie is on the menu for the upcoming Temis kitchen event, tell me about that.

Temi: I love cooking and I really enjoy teaching people how to cook. A lot of people tell me cooking takes forever and I beg to differ lol. So, I started hosting Temiskitchen cooking classes which started in July 2018, and it was awesome. The students loved it and they encouraged me to host more cooking classes. So this year am back with another edition, bigger and better this time.

Attendees can expect: Step by step recipe guide, Tips & tricks on how to make cooking fun and time- efficient. All ingredients and utensils provided, just bring yourself.

Date is Saturday 13th July 2019

Jessy: Thank you so much Tems for chatting with me. I appreciate your time.

Temi: Thank you Jessy

Do you like pastries or you are a safie like me? Do tell…

P.S : Temi would be sharing some of her recipes and especially the coveted whole meal meat pie recipe at her upcoming cooking class. For more information on the class, visit her social media pages here IG: @temiskitchen and @temtemola.

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