About Jessimiela

I’m Jessimiela and I am very passionate about relationships. I strongly believe that good “relationships” are the bedrocks of all our lives, be it relationship with God, family, other people (unromantic) and the opposite sex (romantic).

Now I am a huge romantic and I believe in all things love. I do believe though that people can have healthy relationships void of strife, pain and hurt. I also believe that people can have crisis free relationships and marriages and I have many living examples as proof.

My life currently is filled with relationship experiences (many good and not so good); it is also filled with lessons and corrections from the Gods word, mentors, books, teachings and self-reflections.

Disclaimer: I am no expert in fact I am sure you know more about relationships than I do.

Truth is I am just winging it right now but I have made a decision to do and share only what the word of God says so be rest assured you are getting 100%  advice from the most reliable relationship expert there can ever be and that is Holy Spirit. Ephe 3:8-10.

One of my favourite scripture is Rom 8: 28: “everything works together for good to them that love God and are called according to his purpose”

So it does not matter how bad things are right now or how unlikely your relationship life is right now, it is my prayer that everything would work out for your good. God would turn those mistakes into messages and errors into examples if you decide to do things His way from now on.

I promise to be;

Consistent, Thoughtful, Prayerful, Loving and Kind